50 Memories for the SRNS 50th: No. 13

19 committee volunteers posing for group photo

Today’s "memory" is present day: A salute to the many people who have been helping to plan SRNS’s golden anniversary festivities. We are so grateful to the volunteers—those pictured here as well the myriad additional helpers—for their contributions toward this milestone event. FRONT (from left): Sheila Novak, Catherine Byrne, Victoria Padin, Ashley Mendez, Amy May. MIDDLE: Stacey Woodward, Sharon McNish, Mary Ellen Vassallo, Shawn O’Brien, Laura Magafan, Marilyn Katz, Mosa Emamjomeh. BACK: Sharon Alexander-Bonds, Karen Sheffler, Susan Bock, Kathleen Cohan, Megan Heitzmann, Julie Cress, and Teri Dwyer.

The SRNS 50th celebration is June 1! Visit the anniversary webpage for details and to RSVP. Walk down Memory Lane with us by visiting the ongoing photo gallery.