At SRS and SRNS, Learning is Always Priority No. 1


During times of uncertainty, you can be assured that the learning will always continue for the students of St. Raphael School and Nursery School and that our teachers remain committed to staying connected with students to ensure uninterrupted academic success.

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Opening Plan for 2022-23

Dear St. Raphael Families,

St. Raphael School and St. Raphael Nursery School will have in-person classes Monday through Friday. We will follow guidelines outlined by the ADW, CDC and the Maryland Department of Health in continuing to provide in-person learning for our students. As per our protocol, we will adhere to the current recommendations given by these organizations in our effort to mitigate staff or student risking exposure to COVID-19. Flexibility is key to our success, so that families and staff can seamlessly move to distance learning, if necessary. 

Focusing on health and safety as a priority — All students and staff may wear face coverings in the building. Maintenance staff will ensure that bathrooms, classrooms, and shared spaces will be cleaned regularly and disinfected daily and as needed. Special attention will be given to high-touch areas. Teachers are encouraged to keep classroom windows cracked, while air purifiers will be on, to promote better air circulation. 

Being proactive if COVID-19 is suspected — If a student or staff member becomes ill while at school and if they meet the criteria for “COVID-19-like illness” based on the most current Montgomery County Health Department Decision Aid, the individual will be screened by the school nurse and a parent will be contacted. 

Although we are in a better position this year, COVID-19 has not gone away. We will continue to follow protocols to maintain good health in our schools. With ongoing practices such as staying home when ill, proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, increased ventilation, and appropriate cleaning, we expect to maintain healthy schools. 


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