St. Raphael School Crest

Three crosses:  Holy Trinity guides and inspires members of our faculty in their care and teaching of our students

Chevron:  Signifies our home within the Catholic Church

St. Raphael the Archangel:  Intercedes for us as God’s biblical healer 

Green field:  Life, growth and renewal

“Fides et Ratio”: Faith and reason, two basic philosophical principles necessary for understanding

Students at Mass


St. Raphael School, in conjunction with its parish and parents, provides our children with an engaging and inspiring academic program infused with strong Christian morals and virtues. Our Catholic identity permeates each subject and daily activity in a warm and welcoming environment. Through faith and reason, our school community challenges students to lead lives of service while embracing the love of God and neighbor. We foster a strong sense of self-worth and build character in each of our students, enabling them to reach their full spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional potential in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Christ is the reason for this school.
He is the unseen but ever-present teacher.
He is the model of our faculty
and the inspiration of our students.


St. Raphael School is a coeducational parish school, providing students with a Catholic education rich in tradition enhanced by a 21st century classroom. Our academic standards and Catholic virtues provide students with the tools essential to lead lives of service to God and our community.

Being an integral part of the parish community, St. Raphael School offers a warm and welcoming environment enriched by the time and talents offered through our partnership with parents. Recognizing parents as the primary teachers in life, we welcome and value their ideas and interest.

Our parish priests, administration, faculty, and staff are committed to supporting the mission of the school, and fostering the development of faith and reason in every child. St. Raphael School provides a challenging curriculum, focusing on each child’s unique capabilities and talents. We provide a quality education and prepare all students for the rigorous academic demands of secondary school.

Our class size affords each child individualized attention and the opportunity for differentiated learning. We instill a strong sense of self-confidence and spirituality in our students. The classroom environment is one of love, respect, and compassion. Students attend Mass regularly at school and participate in daily prayer to instill the virtues necessary to lead a moral and purposeful life. Students participate in community outreach to further develop their understanding of service while helping those in need.

Knowing that Jesus is the reason that this school exists, we acknowledge His presence in our daily life at school. He guides and encourages our teachers, and inspires our students to follow in His footsteps.