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With their years of extensive experience, our resource teachers work with small groups of students who have special needs or learning styles. The goal of the Resource Department is to identify strengths and needs of exceptional learners to provide early intervention and available services. Each instructor assists as needed with reading, writing, or math skills and may also provide support for assignments in social studies and science. In addition, students receive assistance in developing more effective organizational and study skills.

In keeping with our customized-education promise, the resource teachers consult with classroom teachers to assist them with providing differentiated instruction for their students. Special technology programs such as Dragon Dictation and Kurzweil are incorporated as needed to facilitate student learning.

Through their work in the SRS Resource Department, students learn that they can find new ways to solve problems, achieve success in mastering something that had been difficult for them, and grow confident in themselves as learners.


Instructors: Molly Nagel and Dona Dulski