St. Raphael School - Our Admissions Process

Applications to SRS for the current academic year are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications for the following school year are accepted starting at the SRS open house held in October. The opening dates of registration are posted on the SRS website. Criteria for admission can be found below as well as in our Admission Policy found in our handbook. If you need additional information, contact Julie Cress

Ways to visit St. Raphael School

  • Tours are available 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and last 30-45 minutes.
  • St. Raphael School hosts two open houses each year—one in October (K-8) and one in January (double open house for preschool and K-8). Dates are posted on the SRS website.

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Kindergarten age requirement

A kindergarten student must be 5 years old by Sept. 1 of the year the child enters kindergarten.

Admissions process steps

  • Complete application form on TADS, our admissions and tuition management system, and pay non-refundable application fee of $200 per student.
  • Upload birth certificate and baptismal certificate (if applicable) to TADS.
  • Submit academic records; details below.
  • Submit Authorization For Release of Student Records
  • Submit any additional information that will help SRS provide a successful academic environment for your child, including copies of psychological testing, standardized testing, IEP or 504 paperwork.
  • Contact Julie Cress to schedule two admissions tests, which take about 60-90 minutes each.
  • Schedule admissions interview for parent(s) or guardian(s) through Julie Cress.
  • Receive notification of the admissions decision via email or letter.

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Required academic records

Provide to the school office a copy of the following records:

  • Grade 1: Most recent kindergarten report card
  • Grade 2: A complete kindergarten report card as well as the most recent first-grade report card
  • Grades 3-8: Two end-of-year report cards and most recent report card

Upon acceptance, enroll your child in TADS and provide a non-refundable deposit of $2,000, which will be applied toward the annual tuition, and complete the tuition agreement for the remaining balance. Submit health forms to the school nurse prior to student starting school.

Wait lists
A wait list may be established and reduced as space becomes available based on the general admission criteria. Students will be kept on the waitlist for one academic year. Parents will need to participate in the registration process the following year to be considered for the following year’s class.

Criteria for admission
St. Raphael School strives to serve the children of active, registered St. Raphael Parish members and gives priority seating to other Catholic students within the space and resources available. Non-Catholics are seated wherever possible. The new-student admissions policy is based on the following criteria, which are weighted, and listed in order of priority:  

  • Catholics who participate in St. Raphael Parish ministries and have a regular contribution pattern through the use of offertory envelopes
  • Length of time in the parish: This is a determining factor in conjunction with the level of participation. Consideration will be given to new parishioners who have relocated to the area if they have a history of active participation in their prior parish. Applicants’ parents/guardians will be interviewed.
  • Pastoral considerations
  • Catholics from other parishes
  • Non-Catholics

New students will be evaluated in the following order of priority:

  • Siblings of students currently enrolled in the school
  • Children of faculty
  • Catholic children of registered parishioners who actively support St. Raphael Parish 
  • Catholic children of new parishioners who actively support St. Raphael Parish 
  • Catholic children from other parishes
  • Non-Catholic students

If you require additional information about our admissions process, call the school office at 301-762-2143.