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Our responsive website is chock-full of information for students, parents, caregivers, and members of our community. We strive to keep the content current and accessible, but we are human and appreciate feedback from our website visitors. If you experience a problem with our site, whether it's incorrect content, a bad link, missing information, or an accessibility issue, use the appropriate link below to report the matter to us so that our staff may rectify it in a timely fashion.


School Communications

Wednesday Weekly is emailed to parents. Archives may be accessed by logging in to the parent portal.


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SRS Listserv

Whether you are looking for a great summer camp, a place for kids’ golf lessons, or even a roofer, the SRS listserv has references from people you know and trust. Helping each other is what our school is all about! Searchable archives and adjustable settings: no email, digest form, or get every email—you choose. Spam-free. The school listserv is managed by a parent volunteer. To subscribe, click below and say you'd like to join!

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WiFi for Guests

Stay connected when you are on campus by taking advantage of the wireless access points located throughout the building. Ask the school receptionist for the username and password.